Ganja Bruja #1: Being a Cannababe EBOOK

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This is the first Ganja Bruja zine by @ManicPixieStonerBabe. Very lowkey, with simple illustrations and basic cannabis information. Great for budding stoners, or when your mom's worried you're a burnout cuz you smoke. Available in PDF and EPUB formats.

Cannabis has been a part of human culture for just about ever – traces of cannabis resin and hemp fibers have been found in artifacts as old as from 3000 BC. Cannabis only really became taboo in the 20th century with the push for prohibition. Used by cultures and communities across the globe throughout history for its medicinal, recreational, creative, and practical uses, the more we learn about cannabis the more it seems like a scientifically magic miracle plant.

Here's the basic bits you need to know, and some ideas and extras along the way. Whether you're a toker yourself or not, this is an accessible place to start.

From the introduction:

Whether you’re reading this because you’re curious about cannabis, or already all about it, or know someone who is, I hope with this zine you will find information, self-empowerment, acceptance, and a little bit of something like magic.

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