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The Balance We Seek Will Come From Within

Overall Energy: Align Your Life

Top Row | Clarifiers: King of Wands + 8 of Cups + King of Cups

Bottom Row | Message: Unbound (what is falling away) + Priestess (what is rising)

Advice: “I create mindful moments throughout the day, reminding myself that I am love and miracles are natural”

It’s time to shed a light on the ways our traumas and the stories we tell ourselves about them bind us to the past and prevent us from aligning with our values and soul purpose in the present. When I talk about soul purpose, I am attempting to describe a way of engaging with the world that is authentic and honors our unique abilities, while also bringing us joy and fulfillment. Obviously, it‘s a tremendous privilege to be able to live this way because society is built in such a way that most people cannot participate. However, there are small ways in which we all can engage. We can change the way we relate to our past traumas and how they affect us in the present, thereby freeing ourselves up to make space for a different narrative full of strength, compassion, and healing.

The Unbound card, clarified by the King of Wands, calls us to release the power our past has over us by reflecting on the stories we have about them and how these stories have served us till now. For example, remember a time you didn’t speak up out of fear and played it small. Instead of telling yourself the same story of how you were vulnerable and a victim, acknowledge how doing so probably kept you safe in a situation you couldn’t control. This kind of self-work can be difficult and scary because of the emotions that come with it. By viewing our story through a lens of compassion and distance we can release the power these emotions have over us a little more every time we do it.

The Priestess card, clarified by the Eight of Cups and the King of Cups, asks, ” How are you being called to step up and lead?”. When we’ve experienced trauma, no matter how big or small, it can cause us to feel like something is missing and because we are socialized to feel we are something apart from our experiences, we generally look outward to fill in the gap. But the reason there is a gap in the first place is because we are continuing to tell ourselves stories that no longer serve us and are no longer reflective of who we’ve become. What often happens when we begin this healing journey is that we begin to notice patterns of thought or behavior within ourselves that are limiting or negative and so we are able to recognize them in others. This awareness shines a light on the power our emotions have on us all and we can begin to be more compassionate with ourselves and others. As we leave these stories behind and create new ones, more in alignment with who we are now and who we want to be, we can shine our newfound light on others around us too and lead them in them in the right direction.

“I create mindful moments throughout the day, reminding myself that I am love and miracles are natural,” is a reminder to make space for ourselves and this self-work and to remember that we came out of the universe and are a part of it. We have the power to change our story and every time we make the space to do so we get closer and closer to healing and living our authentic truth.


Decks featured: Rider Waite Tarot, Work Your Light Oracle cards, The Universe Has Your Back

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